Who is the ghostwriter of Obama? May I have a bachelor thesis written? What does a ghostwriting agency do and what does not it do? – These and other questions we answer you in our large collection of information on ghostwriting.

What is ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting means writing texts on behalf of a client. In doing so, the customer appears in public as the author. The actual author remains hidden from the public. Therefore, he is also called “ghost writer” or ghostwriter.

What texts can ghostwriters write?

The type of text is not specified in Ghostwriting. Ghostwriters can write many different texts.

Very often, for example, biographies of celebrities are created by ghostwriters or even speeches for politicians.

Even in science, there is ghostwriting. Here scientifically experienced authors support their customers. These authors are also called “academic ghostwriters”. Their clients often include research institutes, publishers and corporations.

Are there famous ghostwriting cases?

Many really “famous” ghostwriters do not exist. After all, their lyrics are not published in their own name but on behalf of their clients.

Some examples of well-known ghostwriters are:

  • Robert L├╝benoff – Ghostwriter by Boris Becker
  • Heribert Schwan – Ghostwriter by Helmut Kohl
  • Jon Favreau – Speechwriter of Barack Obama
  • Alexandra Postman – ghostwriter of Heidi Klum
  • Katja Kessler – Ghostwriter by Dieter Bohlen

What is academic ghostwriting?

In academic ghostwriting, scientific texts are written for clients. These often include institutions, companies and websites that want to publish high-quality and scientifically relevant contributions and require support.

In addition, there are also some students who can help in the preparation of their scientific work. However, since their universities prohibit them from submitting papers that they did not write themselves, they should not submit the ghostwriter works as their own.

If students write their bachelor, master, homework or other credentials with the ghostwriter, they may only use them as a template or solution sketch. In this solution sketch they can orient themselves very well when writing their own work.

What does a ghostwriting agency do?

A reputable ghostwriting agency usually has a network of certified authors and editors. I would like to explain the process of ghostwriting on the basis of our agency GWriters:

GWriters matches the individual requirements of the customer with its author network. This will allow the agency to find a ghostwriter that best suits their client’s project.

Subsequently, a binding briefing is determined together with the ghostwriter and the customer and a payment agreement is made. So the customer knows exactly when, in what form and quality he receives his texts and the author knows at what times he receives his fee for the written.

The ghostwriting agency GWriters determines a project leader. This project manager can be contacted at any time by the ghostwriter and the client and is the organizer of the order. Since ghostwriting is anonymous at GWriters, the project leader is the only person who knows the true name of the ghostwriter and his client.

Should there be any difficulties between the academic ghostwriter and his client, the project manager will look for a solution. In the worst case, the solution is the change of the author.

During the writing phase, the customer receives partial deliveries of his texts. Should he wish changes, they will be incorporated free of charge.

A second ghostwriter from the department reads the texts, corrects them and manually checks them for plagiarism.

Finally, the project manager carries out a second plagiarism check with special software. This software is also used by many universities in their search for plagiarism.

As soon as the customer receives the final work, all rights of use of the text are assigned to him.

What does a ghostwriting agency not do?

Of course, this question can not be answered on a flat-rate basis, as each company has its own rules and guidelines. We at GWriters have set some strict rules that all employees must adhere to. Orders that violate these rules will be rejected by us.


  • create only unique pieces and do not plagiarize.
  • honor science and do not distort research and study results.
  • do not write exams for our customers.
  • do not create texts with discriminatory content.

Who can hire a ghostwriter?

Anyone in need of high quality and individualized texts can avail themselves of Ghostwriter Services.

Is ghostwriting legal?

There is no law in Germany, Austria and Switzerland prohibiting this service.

In fact, ghostwriting has existed since the invention of writing and is used in many industries, e.g. politics, common practice.

Is academic ghostwriting legal?

The same applies to academic ghostwriting as to ghostwriting. It is legal.

There is a special case with students who want to have ghostwriters create academic papers. Universities do not allow you to submit work that you did not write yourself. In order to abide by the rules of their colleges, students may use the work created by ghostwriters only as a template or solution sketch.

Can academic ghostwriting agencies award note guarantees?

No. Universities do not allow students to submit papers they did not write themselves.

In order to abide by the rules of their colleges, students may use the work created by ghostwriters only as a template or solution sketch.

A ghostwriting work certainly has a positive effect on the grading as a template. However, the rating depends on the student’s performance and the criteria of the examiner.

How does Ghostwriting work at GWriters?

A good illustration of how GWriters works is offered on this page. You can also get the quality standards explained by GWriters in this video.

What services are included in ghostwriting at GWriters?

At GWriters, ghostwriting includes a total package. It contains:

a thorough literature search

the creation of the text with the desired content and in the desired form by an academic ghostwriter of the department

free feedback and correction loops

Correction and fine-tuning of the texts by a second academic from the respective department

free replacement of authors in case of dissatisfaction

plagiarism check

If required, further individually agreed services

What happens to my personal information with ghostwriting agency GWriters?

At GWriters, all personal and order-related data is treated with discretion.

All employees and authors are contractually bound to secrecy.

Communication between ghostwriters and clients is anonymous through project managers who remove personal information from all files.

After completion of an order, any rights of use of the text are assigned to the customer. His personal data and texts are deleted from the GWriters system.

What is being done at GWriters if I do not like Ghostwriting?

In this case, improvements are made to the text. The free feedback loops are finally there for that. If more profound problems occur, a free change of authors can be made.

Is there a difference between ghostwriting and plagiarism?

Yes, a big difference!

In the media, the terms are often equated. That is wrong.

In Ghostwriting, an author is asked to write a text. This text is written individually and no content from other texts is illegally copied.

In the case of plagiarism, texts are copied off or contents copied without being marked as a source. For some years there is software that can detect plagiarism very well. This software uses universities to unmask plagiarists. GWriters also carries out plagiarism checks with this software. They are included in the ghostwriting free of charge.

Thus ghostwriting and plagiarism are two different things.

Which ghostwriting prices are appropriate?

Prices for ghostwriting are calculated by reputable providers based on the individual requirements of the customer. For a rough overview you can use our price calculator.

I can highlight 3 important factors in the price calculation:

The nature of the text: A text that should serve as a solution sketch for a doctoral thesis, of course, with a higher work and research costs afflicted than a speech. The ghostwriting price can vary greatly with different types of text.

The difficulty level: The more complex the topic, the higher the ghostwriter prices. Empirical achievements are also included since the effort for the author (creation of a questionnaire, if necessary carrying out the interviews, evaluation of the results) is significantly higher.

The processing time: If the processing time is very short, ghostwriters often have to sacrifice their free time and write texts at night, on weekends and holidays. For this extra effort, they will be rewarded with higher fees.

How much can you earn with ghostwriting?

That, too, is different and depends on many factors. In particular, how many texts are created and how complex these texts are. Well-used ghostwriters can earn a secured income through their activities.

What information do I have to disclose about ghostwriting about myself?

This is very limited. For GWriters as ghostwriting agency the contact details are important. After all, it must be possible to communicate with the customer.

However, with regard to the texts to be written, information is very important. The more accurate and specific the client’s specifications are, the easier it is for the ghostwriter to understand them and write the text exactly as they would like it to be.