Everybody should do a plagiarism check. Because in times of digitization, there are hardly any colleges that do not standardize all submitted works with plagiarism software. If you want to protect yourself, you should therefore carry out a plagiarism check with similar plagiarism software as the universities use. A professional online plagiarism software automatically matches your work with billions of sources. With this you are on the safe side.

Where you can do the plagiarism check online

A plagiarism check only costs you a few clicks and works completely online. Even if you have to submit the work today: You still have enough time for a plagiarism check. It only takes a few minutes.

The results of your work decisively determine your future. You’ve been investing for weeks or even months. What a pity it would be if in the end but an accidental plagiarism is included and everything is nullified.

Why you should do a plagiarism check

A plagiarism check has many advantages and protects you from:

1. Plagiarism has dramatic consequences

In the worst case, plagiarism can lead to your work being considered failed. Even if plagiarism is not discovered at first, they can still lead decades later to the revocation of your title. From a legal point of view, plagiarism is the theft of intellectual property.

2. Plagiarism often happens without intention

Many plagiarisms happen without deliberately fooling you. The intention, however, is irrelevant. Even if your work contains plagiarism without you intentionally doing so, it can lead to your work being rated insufficiently. With hundreds of sources, one source or another can easily get away with it. Because if, for example, you have added sources at the end, it may be that a footnote was forgotten to set or was accidentally deleted when writing. A plagiarism scanner can quickly locate such sites.

3. Plagiarism often happens unconsciously

Similarly, it may be that you did not know that your work contained plagiarism. For example, because you believe that a sentence or an idea came from you, but that happened to have someone else put it on paper. So you both had the same idea, only someone else had them before you. Ignorance does not protect against the law. Such cases would uncover plagiarism software.

4. A plagiarism check secures you

The plagiarism software we propose here is based on a very similar version that most universities use. So that means if you correct all dubious posts after using this plagiarism check, your college will probably not find any suspicious spots anymore. So a plagiarism check secures you against point deductions for plagiarism.

5. A plagiarism check improves your score

Since the plagiarism check suspicious points are shown and you can correct them all before the levy, you avoid a plagiarism scanners deductions for plagiarism. In scientific work of all kinds, formal criteria usually fall heavily into the evaluation. Spelling, form and plagiarism thus make up a substantial part of your grade.

6. A plagiarism check is quick

You can do a plagiarism check with just a few clicks online – 24/7 whenever it suits you. Since it is an automatic software, you simply upload your work and then receive your plagiarism report within a few minutes. Thanks to traffic light logic, you can see which parts are suspicious. You would then have to provide them with sources and possibly quotation marks. These corrections are usually very fast too.

Even if you give up your work anyway at the last minute: You can make the plagiarism check in any case. Because it really only costs you a few minutes.

7. A plagiarism check is easy

A plagiarism check is also much easier than it sounds: you just have to upload the work and the system checks automatically. Then you just have to complete the respective source at the suspicious places. This provides you with the plagiarism software but with.

8. A plagiarism check has a very good cost / benefit ratio

A professional plagiarism review is worthwhile in any case. Because with hundreds of sources you’ve used, it’s so easy to forget a source. The exam costs you depending on the size 14.90 € -34.90 €. But you are on the safe side and probably get a better grade than without this exam. And scientific papers usually have a significant share of your overall grade.

If you think that your study costs you about 40.000 € and you get a better grade thanks to plagiarism, 14,90 € -34,90 € are not significant. Securing your work and improving your final grade cost you relatively little money.

How a professional online plagiarism test works

A professional plagiarism check is very simple and straightforward. All you have to do is upload your work. Your data is protected.

Step 1: Upload work

Once you have finished with the text of your work, you can simply upload the text 24/7. Your data will not be saved and you do not have to create an account. The upload takes a few seconds and is very fast even with long texts. You simply select the file from your computer. It should be in Word or PDF format.

2nd step: Automated Online Plagiarism Check

Once you’ve uploaded the work, online plagiarism testing begins. This lasts up to 30 minutes. All sentences of your work are compared with billions of sources. A very similar plagiarism software also use the universities themselves. So if you pass the plagiarism test with this plagiarism software, your university will most likely not find any more suspicious jobs.

3rd step: test result with traffic light logic

As a result of online plagiarism you get a report with a traffic light logic. All suspicious places are marked in color. In addition, the software directly provides you with the link and the source of origin in which this or a similar sentence was discovered. Red spots should be urgently provided with a first priority source. Yellow spots are borderline cases. If you want to protect yourself, you should also mark them. And in green sentences, the plagiarism test could detect no plagiarism risk.

4th step: Correct plagiarism

Using the report you should provide the suspicious places with the appropriate source. You should prioritize the sentences marked in red. Because these are probably also marked at your university in the plagiarism test. Since the plagiarism software supplies you with the corresponding source directly, you should be able to provide the suspicious sentences with sources relatively quickly.

Why a free plagiarism check is not a solution

There are a number of free plagiarism softwares on the internet. We strongly advise against using it. Because the free plagiarism checks are in the better case, just a useless bauble, in the worst case, an enormous privacy risk for you.

  • professional plagiarism check
  • complete plagiarism check
  • Billions of sources
  • no character limit
  • data protection
  • free plagiarism check
  • incomplete plagiarism check
  • few sources
  • character limit
  • no privacy

A real protection against point deductions for plagiarism you do not have a free plagiarism check. Following are the main differences between the two options:

Complete plagiarism check: A complete examination of your work is usually not possible with a free plagiarism check. Because not every sentence is checked. Sentences that may be plagiarism are simply skipped. Often every 2nd or 3rd sentence is skipped. If you are unlucky, only half of the scanned text will be checked at all. Unlike the professional plagiarism check: Here, every sentence is compared with billions of sources.

Character limitation: Free plagiarism checks are usually limited to a certain number of characters – usually only 5,000 characters. A complete examination of your work is therefore not possible. In professional plagiarism testing, on the other hand, there is no character limit. Your work is completely checked.

Number of sources: In the free plagiarism check, parts of your work are arbitrarily compared to a limited number of Internet sources. It is true that such an audit can provide initial indications. However, this is by no means a hedge. The likelihood that plagiarisms will be overlooked, which appear in the plagiarism of your college, is very high. The professional plagiarism exam balances your work with billions of sources. Normally, this relies on a much wider range of sources. It is also much more similar to the type of plagiarism software the universities use. As a result, professional plagiarism detection reveals much more plagiarism. It is a much better safeguard against plagiarism.

Privacy: With the free plagiarism software your data is not safe. Depending on the provider, it may be that your work is placed in a directory. Often a free plagiarism check also requires registration. It is different in the professional plagiarism check: Here you do not have to create an account and your data will not be saved.