Writing a bachelor thesis like a pro – 7 practical tips

You have internalized the basics while writing your bachelor thesis and want to increase yourself? No problem. In this article you will receive 7 tips to write your bachelor thesis like a pro.

1. Eliminate distractions while writing a bachelor thesis

If you work for your bachelor thesis, then the smartphone is out of reach, you are logged out of Spotify and of course the Netflix account for this time is on hold. You only check e-mails when you are finished with the daily bachelor thesis. In short: You free yourself as much as possible from all distractions.

If you live in a shared flat or with your partner, please do not be disturbed during this time. Should the disturbances at home be too massive through everyday life, switch to a quieter place. For example, in many libraries you can rent a work cabin. However, apply for this a few months before the start of the bachelor thesis, as the cabins are very sought after.

2. Utilize useful tools when writing the bachelor thesis

In times of digitization you can use a variety of tools to optimize your bachelor thesis. There are two main areas that are particularly important:

Spelling, style and grammar

Many students give away valuable points due to incorrect punctuation, duplication of words, skewed linguistic images, etc. But that does not have to be the case since tools can make the correction work easier for you. Here are three tools for this purpose:

  • Duden spell checker online
  • spelling-Pruefen.de
  • grammar and spellchecker

Solutions like these add to spell checking built-in and sometimes inadequate in Word or OpenOffice Writer.

Organization of knowledge

Structure is the cornerstone of a successful bachelor thesis. Therefore familiarize yourself with a professional program for scientific work. Again, there are different solutions that all have their advantages and disadvantages. It is important that you find the right software for you. Here are three of the most popular programs for pooling sources and quotes:

  • EndNote
  • Citavi
  • Zotero

For all of these tools, you’ll also find guides on the web, on YouTube or in blogs. The programs help you to place references within your bachelor thesis according to a defined citation style and in parallel create the bibliography and illustration index. It is even more effective if you attend a course at your university for one of the programs.

3. Contact professors and other experts

Classical literature research is done by all students writing a theoretical bachelor thesis. Even in an empirical work, many focus only on their own experiments and the subsequent evaluation using well-known sources.

Instead, go the extra mile and get in touch with professors and graduate students in your field. Just do not be shy – even luminaries like to help if they find a little time. The more you should be careful to write a short, meaningful and polite e-mail.

Ask other experts, such as book authors, coaches or professionals in companies that are not in the academic environment. These can provide valuable information that sets you apart from the usual sources that auditors have long known.

4. Improve time management while writing a bachelor thesis

Getting started with the bachelor thesis on time is the most effective and helpful tip on time management. Modern time management has long gone beyond classic pie charts. It is crucial that you have the deadlines of your bachelor thesis equally in the calendar and in the head.

In addition, work alongside work. It makes more sense to spend four hours a day on the bachelor thesis and enjoy some relaxation in the evening as well as in between, when, under pressure of time and panic, the nights are over three days before delivery.

Similar to the tools mentioned above, digital offers such as primaERP, TrackingTime or Toggl can help you with time management. In addition, it is important to set priorities. And of course the bachelor thesis should be at the top of this list.

5. Hire academic professionals

Why do all the work alone? Get the help of proofreaders and editors, have a text coaching give you new ideas, or have a ghostwriter write a sample of your bachelor thesis. This support can be a great relief, especially if you feel overwhelmed with your bachelor thesis.

In addition to experienced lecturers, professors, doctors and scientists are available for this purpose. In addition to detailed discussions, for which most of the supervisors at universities have little time left, external coaches can be soul-comforters and technical helpers at the same time. Many students already have the idea to always have a competent contact person at eye level by their side.

6. Choose the ideal setting

The right environment is very important when writing a bachelor thesis. Anyone who feels comfortable working is demonstrably more productive. Of course, this also applies to students and their bachelor thesis. Therefore, ensure a clean, well-kept and tidy workplace. Your desk should be free of unnecessary objects. By the way, not only tools like pens and notepads are useful, but also a nice photo or a motivating calendar quote.

Everything that increases your physical and mental well-being is allowed. It is ideal if you can work in a well-tempered, tidy and quiet room that is far from your sleeping place. So you avoid that you can not switch off. If you can not do this at home, look for a pleasant place to work. You can also work in nature at the lake or in the park, if you like.

Treat yourself well

Structure, organization and the relief through professional bachelor thesis help can significantly reduce the stress of a job. However, it is crucial how you deal with yourself during this time.

Make sure you have enough sleep, fresh and healthy food, enough exercise and social contacts. Allow yourself to go out with friends, visit the family and recharge your batteries. In the rarest case it is recommended to write for weeks like a hermit in the quiet little room on the bachelor thesis.

Also avoid prolonged celebrations, too much coffee, nicotine and alcohol. A hangover can throw you back for days and let your motivation slip into the basement.


With these seven tips you write your bachelor thesis like a professional. Not only do you know the usual standard approach, but you can score with efficiency, effectiveness and originality. Get started today and find the right balance between diligence and recovery.

I wish you a lot of success with your bachelor thesis. If you have further questions, want to comment or need academic help, feel free to contact us – via contact form, as a comment under this post or by phone.